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Pulgas Water Temple

I’m offering vocal & guitar classes in Belmont, in San Mateo county, California. Currently, I’m offering the following classes:

  1. Hindustani shastriya sangeet 101
  2. Bollywood singing 101 (with guitar)
  3. Beginners bollywood guitar

*Guitar sessions come with a complimentary in-store consult on purchasing your first instrument.

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1. Hindustani Shashtriya Sangeet 101

Classes: weekly morning or evening (Location: Belmont).

  • Learn the basics of Hindustani Raag Sangeet
  • Basic vocal techniques, Riyaaz, introduction to a few Raags,
  • Devotional songs - bhajans, abhangs, arti geet etc in relevant raags
  • Side intros to different genres of Indian folk and classical music

2. Bollywood singing 101

Classes: bi-weekly evening (Location: Belmont).

  • learn through classic songs
  • Vocal warmups and breathing techniques used by the best Bollywood playback singers
  • Proper vowel sounds and enunciation for clear Hindi/Urdu diction
  • How to sing along with and follow Indian classical ragas
  • Simple riffs, runs, and phrases to ornament your singing

3. Beginners bollywood guitar

Classes: Please enquire below (……)

If ever wanted to pick up bollywood guitaring, this is probably right for you. You’ll learn simplified versions of famous guitar parts, so even beginners can start playing popular Bollywood songs right away. We’ll break things down step-by-step while still retaining that vibrant Bollywood flavor.

Bring your own guitar or one can be provided. Just come ready to immerse yourself in the sounds of the guitar!

About me

I’m a trained Hindustani classical singer, guitarist & producer. Read more about my music resume here.

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(*title image: Pulgas Temple, located 5 mins from the class location.)